The Gramafal Granitos e Mármores Falqueto Importadora e Exportadora Ltda, operates since 1994 in the state of Espirito Santo and plays with competence and respect for the environment, the extraction and marketing of ornamental, subjecting all its processes to strict production criteria.

A complex model of the granite industry. Thus the current can be set Gramafal, located on road BR 262, Km 105, Bairro Bananeiras, Venda Nova do Imigrante, Espírito Santo State.

The Gramafal maintains a quality control in the preparation of its products, having a production line with modern equipment and latest technology. The accuracy of cut, polish and care for the standardization of products is achieved by the development and mastery of more advanced production techniques and modern machinery, thus ensuring aa quality of our products. Every industrial process is automatic. Most Italian manufacturing equipment is used in the sawing of the blocks, sanding, special finishes, slabs and tiles.

Due to its stringent quality standards, currently exports to countries like, USA, Poland, Israel, Italy, South Korea, because it spares no effort and dedication to bring, to your business or residence, the best in granite and marble.

With advanced weaving machines, polishing machines and automatic lines of resin, we ensure excellence in our products, from extraction to final product. For the absolute exclusivity of their products, invest in cutting-edge machinery, skilled professionals and concerned in environmental responsibility.

PABX: +55 28 3546-0036 - Rodovia BR 262, Km 105 - Bairro Bananeiras - Venda Nova do Imigrante - ES
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